Wow - How "Happy" are we Today
The Independent Happy List 2017 has just been published
Samee has had mentions in dispatches !! We're 16 on the list -

"Quote" from The Independent  : - . . .

'The final 50 represent the very best of the UK. And, unlike other lists, the Happy List is not a crass hierarchy but a completely unranked, alphabetically ordered celebration of wonderful deeds, large and small' . . .

The Independent’s 2017 (ninth) Happy List is a collection of 50 inspirational heroes and heroines whose kindness, courage and selflessness make our country a better place to live . . .

Editor of The Independent - Christian Broughton, says:

“The current climate of fear, mistrust and negativity means it's more important than ever to celebrate the inspirational people whose kindness, ingenuity and bravery make the UK a better place to live.”


The Independent Happy List 2017  for full details

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