Create a brand

When you start your new business venture it won’t be the first thing on your business plan to-do-list ( I hope )
You will need to think about marketing - a brand identity ( a logo, colours, typeface, etc)  you may need to minimise your start-up costs, but sometimes paying someone to create one for you could be wise move – As changing your identity can be costly if you have already spent a large chunk of your budget already

Always remember to apply your branding consistently throughout your business – Letterheads – Your business logo & maybe a font that you will stick to using on business cards,flyers etc, if you buy workwear . . . colours
Having your own distinctive brand is important. It can ensure that customers buy from you and not your competitors – as it shows consistancy

Think of branding as what springs to mind when people think of you & your business.

It should show off your business’s personality and what it stands for (i.e. values) & leave a good impression . . .
If you are a Pre-Start-up or New in Business & would like help & advice about Websites or Social Media – Please feel free to Contact Us as we are here to help

We can offer domain name registration & start-up deals as an all in one package, with social media links set up for you . . .

Music – Lights – Action . . .

Mia Solano had been asked to do a catwalk show for a major bridal show – this was very exciting and a huge amount of work … but then comes the BIG question … What music would you like.

You would think, with the huge range of artists and music out there, that this would be an easy choice, but is it?

We could have gone with something wedding orientated such as Angels by Robbie Williams, or Perfect Day, or even I’ve Had the Time of My Life . . . the list is endless! Too much choice . . . Then I was sat listening to the radio . . . and I got it! Thank you KT Tunstall !

The song we chose had meaning, had reason and most importantly meant something to us – the lyrics were perfect and the beat was good so the models could actually dance down the catwalk! The lighting was amazing, the jewels sparkled, and the brides . . . well, they were enchanted . . .

“You can see she’s a beautiful girl, she’s a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light.
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it, it makes you calm, she holds you captivated in her palm . . .”

Have a look at our video and see if you agree … but think about the lyrics, pretending that you are a bride watching that show, waiting to find your dream dress and then ….

“Suddenly I see, suddenly I see, this is what I wanna be
Suddenly I see, suddenly I see, why the hell it means so much to me”

There are other lyrics too which can be interpreted to the bridal industry …. Imagine that you are flicking through that magazine to choose your dress style … and then … you spot it!

“I can see her eyes looking from the page of a magazine, she makes me feel like I could be a tower, a big strong tower . . .”

So, when asked to choose a piece of music or something else to represent your brand, pick something that will be memorable and has meaning . . . enjoy our video . . .

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