Bizarre as it may sound  Give Stuff Away  - Local charities are screaming out for donations - Competitions love to give stuff away as prizes . . .

Donate a prize of something you produce , or give away a couple of hours of one-to-one tuition in your field . . . You will be amazed at how much free promotion for your company you can acheive . . .

You may not have a miracle moment . . . but your company will be in the forefront of peoples minds . . . so the next time they want a product or training / advice you will be at the head of the que as the one that did that competition ages ago . . . yes you remember don't you ?? - the one that gave  . . .

Our most recent one was we gave a website to a Visually Impared Cricket team - The Dorset Dolphins VI Cricket Club & also partially sponsored their half time cricket teas - We then spoke to Warburtons & told them what we did & they have matched our offer with giving them bread & cakes . . . So the moral is . . . promote your company & in turn helping some-one else can do your company good by spreading word of mouth

CFG - Tackling Fraud

Counter Fraud Pledge

Fraud is an ever-evolving criminal threat that costs the charity sector an estimated £1.9 billion every single year, according to the Annual Fraud Indicator developed by Experian, PKF Littlejohn and the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies.

Charities – and indeed any organisation – cannot be completely immune to fraud, but Samee can take steps to minimise the risks and we are committed to doing so.

Because we are confident that we are taking all the steps necessary to actively tackle fraud wherever it may occur in our organisation, we have signed up to the CFG Counter Fraud Pledge.

Benefits of signing the Counter Fraud Pledge

By signing the Pledge we are able to use the toolkits and resources available to ensure we are in the best possible place to proactively tackle fraud, and get support from others who have also committed to the Pledge.

We can use the Counter Fraud Pledge logo on our website, newsletters and printed materials to visibly demonstrate to our donors, funders and beneficiaries that we are taking the protection of our assets seriously.

This will have the benefit of building trust among the people and organisations that support our charity.

Donations to the Samee Charity

With your help the Samee Charity can provide the following Resources :

  • Resources for School Days
  • Mentors for 1-1 Advice
  • Follow-up Meetings / Support

Pays for resources for 1 School Day

Pays for resources for 2 School Days

Pays for 1 Mentor Session

  Pays for 1 Mentor     & 3 Sessions