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"A person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it"

Well that's the dictionary definition - Which is lucky for The Samee Charity as we have so many people wanting our support, that now we need your help to support us & drive The Samee Charity forward . . .

We never dreamed that it would get this busy and we are really pleased that we are trusted by our agencies.

Drop In Clinics
We run drop in clinics that are getting busier each week. We are looking for support with meeting and greeting... Our forms are a little complicated, so any help that you could give the people coming to us would be fantastic.

After an introductory meeting, we are there to help our people. We are looking for mentors to help us do that, from working on personal budgets, to thinking about leaflet design and how to meet customers. If you feel that you would like to assist us, that would be amazing.

We are trying to let as many people know about Samee as possible. This would involve helping us at networking events and, perhaps, a little bit of public speaking. Small things like making sure people are using our EasyFundraising account when buying on-line or just listening out for opportunities for us ... Is that something you could do?

There are other opportunities coming up . . .
THANK YOU, we couldn't do this without YOU

For more Information call Sam on :

07967 452558
01202 424477

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