Welcome to the world of social media & marketing!

Social Media & Marketing posts can make or break your new business venture . . .

Please remember that your on-line reputation is as important, if not more so, that your off-line one!

This means that you need to be careful what you are posting as potential employers, contract holders and customers are looking at your information.

Let me give you an example … we were offering a work placement at our shop for a young person. She was very excited about coming as we were able to offer her the experience she needed to go on to fashion college. Unfortunately, the day before she came, she decided to add a post to her facebook

“not looking forward to tomorrow – the shop owner is really snotty !”

That young person never had the opportunity to do work experience, in fact she got the experience of staying at her school!

So be warned, we know of colleagues that have fired their staff due to their social media posts … remember that once it is out there, it is out there!

Your e-mail address also says a lot about you … so “sexybunny67” is not really the way to make the right impression … it may be worth setting up a professional address such as “samantha.everard”

Social Media Marketing

Social Media & Marketing can be a bit of a puzzle at first & it may take you a few attempts to find which of the sites can be your best marketing tool, without being too over the top . . . As often your attempts can be too pushy of your products or services & have the opposite effect of what you are trying to acheive

Social Media House Puzzle

Social media is now a part of everyday life & is now a dominating force that can generate more business, increase sales, help build and shape a brand or business.

Social Media Sites over the years have evolved &  proven to be effective platforms for marketing.

Try a few of them out to see which you like best as some may be more suited to your style of working, don’t be tempted to try everything at once . . .

It’s better to have a few choice Social Media Sites with good material on – than try to cover them all badly

Time Management

Another point to keep in mind is that you need to concentrate on your New Business Venture – So you don’t want to spend all day at the computer updating a whole lot of Social Profiles . . . Or having done a full days work spend all your spare time in the evenings uploading images . . .

A few choice words or images posted during a break is enough to keep your audience entertained, without taking up all your time . . .

Best Social Media Sites

  • Twitter. Twitter is simplest of all social media platforms. Messages are limited to 140 characters or less, which is enough to post a link, share an image, or ideas.Twitter


  • Facebook. Facebook is the one site where you can find friends, colleagues, and relatives. Although Facebook is mainly centred on sharing photos, links, and quick thoughts of a personal nature. You can have a business pageFacebook logo


  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media site that’s geared towards business, LinkedIn is about networking. You can get in touch with customers, vendors, recruit new employees, and keep up with the latest in business & industry news.Linkedin logo


  • Tumblr. Tumblr is different in that it essentially hosts microblogs for its users. Individuals and companies, who in turn, can fill their blogs with multimedia (like images and short video clips).Tumblr logo


  • Pinterest. Pinterest is a giant virtual idea and inspiration board, Pinterest has made a huge impact on social media in the last few years, it lets you share pictures, creative thoughts, or (especially) before-and-after pictures of projects that others can pin, save, or duplicate.Pinterest logo


  • YouTube. YouTube has a catalogue of billions of videos & has become known as “the second-largest search engine”. YouTube has everything from product reviews, promotional ads and “how-two” instructions on virtually any subject. Users have the ability to share, rate, and comment on the content.YouTube


  • Instagram. Instagram is a quick & convenient link to use from the camera on your smart phone to all your social profiles. Instagram allows you to share via Twitter, Facebook (And the Instagram website). You can choose from a variety of photo filters and invite friends to comment on your photos or ideas.instagram


  • WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s concept is simple: send text-style messages to anyone else using the platform, without paying extra message charges. This straightforward idea has already more than 700 million users, making WhatsApp the world’s most popular messaging platform.WhatsApp logo


  • Meetup. Meetup is perfect for organizing local groups around specific interests. There are meetups centred on just about everything, from music to hobbies. That makes it perfect for exploring an interest and making new connections at the same time.Meetup logo


  • Medium. Medium is packed with lots of helpful advice, tips, and articles, it can provide you everything you need to start connecting like a pro.medium logo


  • Flickr. Flickr is an image and video hosting social network & has over 3.5 million images uploaded daily by users and offers massive online photo storage.Flickr logo


  • Reddit. Reddit is a social networking site used for entertainment purposes, where registered members share content and direct links. It has 174 million monthly visitors.Reddit-logo


  • Skype. Skype specializes in providing video chat and voice calls. You can also exchange text, video messages, files and images, as well as create conference calls. Much of the service is free, but Skype charges to call landline or mobile numbersSkype logo


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