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A Reptile Dysfunction

A Reptile Dysfunction

Thank You - For trying to hack our websites & social media

I am very sorry to hear about  your A Reptile Dysfunction

The Samee charity was set up to help people who are struggling to set up a new business from scratch . . . Giving individuals an insight into the world of working for themselves . . . For a better way of life . . .

If you have A Reptile Dysfunction . . . you may be better advised by the P.D.S.A

A Reptile Dysfunction

Markee The Angry Tortoise

Employability Day


This Friday, 26 June, on Employability day the sector will showcase how Employment Support is being delivered in extraordinary times . . .

Employability Day

We have a live feed going out at 11.30 on Friday morning regarding disability and self-employment to showcase the work we do and the amazing people we work with.  This session is part of the Employability Day organised by ERSA.

Our “SAMEE with session” is with Mike Lammas, MD of Train AV and a disabled entrepreneur, who has created an amazing training company whilst overcoming many barriers in the workplace.

To find out more, or to listen to the live broadcast, visit the @sameecharity facebook page


Samee – Mentors

Samee Charity - Volunteer with Us

When we got asked to work alongside BU on a Branding and Audit Unit, we said yes as there are a lot of positives from working with young people.  For one, their ideas are fresh and relevant, and they can tell the story that you cannot!

What do I mean by that ...well, as a Founder and CEO, I work in the charity every day and I miss all the good things happening around me, yes I know that we had mentors working with guys like Nathan, but I don’t always get the opportunity to stand back and see the results that we have achieved . . .

So, please, have a look at the video and the give me a call so you can make a difference too . . .

Working with the Bournemouth University students, Saara Nurmi and the amazing Dr Tauheed Ramjaun, I was able to see what we have done and where we need more incredible mentors . . .


SEAS - Samee Charity Project

SEAS Project

When  the 23rd of March came, a lot of the SAMEE self-employment family began to contact us . . .

Could we help with money, talking to job centre, contracts, maintaining customers and so much more . . . After three days of fielding calls, I asked a couple of team members to step in and help me . . .

This has led to our new project SEAS.

Read the full story  here . . .

Linkedin Changing SEAS - Sam Everard -fioee-fiep



The SAMEE Den has been set up to ensure that all our self-employed people have somewhere safe to ask questions, gain knowledge and explore opportunities.

Not only do we have our charity supported people on there, we are also delighted to have experts supporting them such as Mark Gracey, a GDPR and Data Protection expert and Shelley Collins from Dorset Growth Hub with amazing opportunities for further training and support.

The DEN is already establishing a working network with new and young businesses talking to each other to see how they can support.  It was brilliant to see Vince Jones from First Aid Training the Cares share that he has seen over 1000 clients since working with us on his business idea and Lorraine Stanley from Sex with a Difference sharing how we supported her from an idea into a Charity!

If you would like to join the Den, then message us on email or through Facebook on the SAMEE charity page – we look forward to welcoming you.

Best wishes