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Job applications are hard … what do you put in the form … do they need a cv or will the application form do … how do they want the information sent …

Let us help you with all these questions. Come in to us with the job information, the person specification and the job description and let us help you make the best of your application.

We start with the basics, making sure that you give all the information needed, then when the next question is “tell us about yourself”, let us work with you to make sure you shine. We have special techniques to make sure that you give the best information about yourself and your skills.


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What information should I include on an application form ? ?

Your application form should make the employer want to meet you & find out more about you and also show your skills & suitability for the position . . .

    • Personal info : Give basic details, such as name / email address / contact numbers


    • Education : Provide information on your academic achievements, include courses taken and qualifications gained


    • Work experience : List your employment history and describe your main duties / responsibilities for each role, noting any most closely related to the job role you're applying for


    • Competency-based questions : Give examples when you've demonstrated the skills required for the role you are applying for


  • Personal statement : Write a well-structured, self assessment why you are the right person for the job

Don't be afraid to sell yourself . . . Show your passion for the company or job and any past achievements you can relate to the role you are applying for & how you can show that you have the skills they are looking for . . .

Many application forms also ask you to provide details of at least two people who can provide references

You may sometimes be asked to attach a CV and cover letter

Our careers advisors can help you prepare & read through your application form & help you highlight your skills

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