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BCTC Expert Article

Work Placement Guide

It’s that time of year again … the work placement students are about to come and play … but how can you make life easier for yourself?

The students are as nervous about this placement as you are! What are they going to wear … what if the boss doesn’t like them … what if they miss the bus … what if they make a mistake … the list is endless!
This may seem really simple – but here are a few top tips!

  • 1 – Send an E-mail!
  • The e-mail should be about what the young person should wear, what they need to bring, a map of the area for directions and what buses stop outside! Make this as easy for them as possible.

  • 2 - Meet and Greet
  • Invite your young person in for coffee a couple of weeks before they start. This is your opportunity to show them the office, the toilets, the nearest café … get them used to being in the building and meeting the team. It will take out the initial nerves on their first day.

  • 3 – Ask!
  • Ask your young person what they would like to achieve whilst they are with you. Have they got specific career goals that you could help with, do they need support with social media skills, sending e-mails … there are lots of things that you could build into their placement time with you to make it more beneficial.

  • 4 – Timetable
  • Your young person is used to dealing with a timetable – yes, I know, it doesn’t work like that in the real world, BUT by having a suggested break time, lunch time, sending post time, filing time, whatever the task may be, the young person will understand what is expected of them and when.

  • 5 – Enjoy!

This is a great opportunity for both of you, so enjoy your time! The young person may have good ideas to help you and are a fresh pair of eyes on your business. Use their social media skills, their creative skills and make sure that the time is beneficial for you both.

The Samee Project offers a hand holding service so that you can make an informed choice about your life. We help you remove the barriers to work, self-employment and training by asking you about your hopes and fears and working with you to take the next steps.

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