IOEE Academy launches pioneering school careers programme in Dorset

The Samee Project is a unique and inspirational social enterprise that aims to promote self-employment and freelance working as viable career options to young people in school education, and has secured its status as an IOEE Academy in February this year . . .

You can read the full article on the IOEE website
IOEE Academy launches pioneering school careers programme in Dorset

Entrepreneurship is vital for economic growth

Education of entrepreneurialism and enterprise can & will directly benefit the economy.
Freelancers contributed £119 billion to the economy last year.

This can best be improved upon through educating people from a young age about enterprise and entrepreneurialism and supporting them whilst their businesses are in their infancy.
Self-employment is not a choice on the school curriculum – which needs to be addressed . . .

So with a little support & guidance just imagine what the next generation can contribute . . .

WISE - What Is Self Employment

The Samee Charity launches new website :   WISE

WISE - What Is Self Employment

Our Education Project, including Workshops in Self-Employment, help primary, senior and special educational needs schools create a stable and structured careers programme.

For more information - Please see WISE website for full details :

WISE - What is Self-Employment

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