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“Pretty Mad” to wear Branded Clothing . . .

So, as every good business owner knows, having clothing with your branding on is the way forward …. So off I go to a local t-shirt printer!

So far, so good … yes I would like three t-shirts – one for me and two others, yes all small (although one member of the team isn’t quite a small ….!!) and we just want the company name on them in big pink letters!  Cheap, cheerful and effective!

The team are very excited about the new t-shirts  … NOT …. “They are horrible”, “Really?” and “why…?”  were just 3 of the comments I received when handing them out … but as the owner of the business, I could see the benefit  of them.  FREE advertising for a start – just think of all those people looking at you and remembering the company name . . .

After much discussion, and a bottle of wine each, they were tried on and it was agreed they would be worn.   Got to love bribery . . .


Anyway, at the next exhibition we  attended, my not-so-small child came too and there wasn’t enough t-shirts to go round, so I gave her mine to wear ….. yep, everyone was happy about that  … NOT!!!

But …  then I noticed everyone pointing at my daughter … “see,” I said to my manager, “the t-shirts do work – look how everyone is looking at Ro – we are going to be soooooo busy .”

Then she turned round …. And I could see what everyone was pointing at . . . perhaps corporate clothing and children is NOT the way forward . . .


Why . . . Oh . . . Why

Why . . . Oh . . . Why

I have been struggling all day with a new layout . . . & . . . It’s not working

Then it struck MEE why not just ask for HELP !!

I realized That is why we set up The Samee Project – It’s to give Help & Advice & if we don’t know the answer we have an excellent network of experts on hand to help & guide you through the minefield 🙂

Simon’s Epic Ride

Simon's Epic Ride

Entrepid Simon Tucker has done a marathon bike ride & has been raising donations for The Samee Project  Simon Tucker

Simon is Chair of the Trustees & Likes nothing better than a good excuse to get dressed in Lycra & Cycle around the countryside for hours on end raising money for various charities & good causes . . .