Smallwood Trust Sponsorship

With thanks to The Smallwood Trust we are able to support 75 disabled adult women living in poverty in the county of Dorset to start their own business.

Over 12-months, DAMSEL is working towards showcasing the skills and talents of disabled women in Dorset, and provides 1-1 individual support with female advisers to help explore self-employment goals as a flexible employment option that can fit around client’s health and other needs like parenting responsibilities for example.

The funding will help us offer 225 hours of tailored business start-up advice and guidance over three meetings of approximately one-hour duration plus on-going volunteer mentoring support.

The invaluable support from The Smallwood Trust has also provided superb personal development opportunities to 12 of our volunteer business mentors.


Sponsor - Smallwood Trust

School Days / Workshops
Resources For  75 Clients
Mentors 12
1 – 1 Project Participants
Smallwood Trust - Samee Charity Sponsors

The Smallwood Trust

The Smallwood Trust has been helping women on low incomes since 1886, more than 130 years.

Her Majesty The Queen has been our patron since 1953.

Our mission is to enable women to become financially resilient by equipping them with the skills they need to secure a confident financial future. We provide grants to organisations and individuals and work with selected partners to help women overcome financial adversity and to improve their social and emotional well-being.

The Smallwood Trust's mission is to enable women to be financially resilient . . .

All of their funding is directed at meeting this mission, The Smallwood Trust aims to achieve its outcomes through grant-making, evaluating which projects & approaches work best and partnership working

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