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Rob mentors the young people currently studying on our Steps into Self-Employment programme. This means he supports them with creating and developing a sustainable self-employment idea!


About Rob . . .

My name is Rob & I am a business mentor for SAMEE (advising people if they are either considering starting or already on the way to starting their own business). I have been with SAMEE for 2 1/2 years.

My favourite part of the job is be able to make a difference, as my motivations in life generally centre around social justice, legacy & having a positive impact.

I am also disability football ambassador for Dorset County FA, & am heavily involved in Ability Counts (disability) football, having founded a disability football club (Parley Ability Counts). Most of my spare time is spent coaching or attending sport-related meetings!

Away from SAMEE I have my own business called Work, Rest & Play, where I design & or build decks, pergolas, gazebos, cabins, garden offices, play equipment etc. I also carry-out general building work, maintenance & renovations.

Likes :

    Football & Coaching
    Sausage Rolls
    Cadbury's Chocolate
    Helping People to Reach Their Ambitions
    The IT Team ( N.B - 🙂 Mandatory Requirement )


Dislikes :

    Overly-negative people, who suck the joy out of a room, as this brings others down too.
Samee Ambassador Day

Samee Ambassador Day

SAMEE - Helping your business ideas take off

SAMEE - Helping your business ideas take off

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