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Linda is a self-employment mentor working with our young people on their self-employment ideas. Linda's specialty is sprinkling fairy dust! bringing ideas to life.

About Linda . . .

Passionate about education, small businesses and lifelong learning.

Lives in Yorkshire, with two teenage daughters, 4 indoor guinea pigs and a cat called Smudge


Experience of working in the private, public and third sector.



BA (Hons) Business Administration, Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Qualified teacher with a PGCE (in further education), plus a few other qualifications along the way.

Works with TEAM SAMEE, in specialising in self employment and on the DPS programmes.

One of my 1st customers on the DPS Scotland programme gave me a nickname of “Fairy dust” as I told her

All you need is faith, trust, and a little bit of fairy dust” — Tinkerbell

I received a magic guinea pig fairy thank you card from this customer, once the programme ended. The name “Fairy Dust” has now kind of stuck with me ever since.

Likes : (and a few random facts)


Started with “couch to 5k” running plan in 2020 (during mid Covid times) and still running. Completed the Great North Run (Half Marathon) in 2022 and enjoy Parkrun every Saturday morning at 9am– I’m trying to complete the A to Z in tourist Parkrun locations.


I volunteer as a Team Manager, for the Borough of Barnsley Swimming club. Spends lots of time poolside at various pools in Yorkshire. If I’m not poolside, I can also be found in a field at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park volunteering for Curly’s Athletes Running Club.

    Her Guinea Pigs
    Her Cat - Smudge
    Disney Movies
    The IT Dept


Dislikes :

    Tall roller coasters, with never ending loop the loops at heart stopping speeds – big thunder mountain railroad is my limit!
Fairy Dust
SAMEE - Helping your business ideas take off

SAMEE - Helping your business ideas take off

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