The Samee Project is here to help & assist everyone with their New Business project – as we want everybody to have an equal opportunity with starting out, all of our start-ups deserve a bite of the cherry.
We try our best to help with a good opportunity or novel idea you’ve come across that isn’t available to everyone.
If you have an idea that has the potential to be profitable, we can help with a business plan, cash flow forecast & more importantly a personal survival budget, sometimes people get so caught up with a new business idea that they completely forget about this one – but strangely enough this is the most important aspect of it all. What is the point of starting your epic voyage if you are never going to make enough money each month to survive.
The Big Apple & Samee

Here at Samee we always do our best to meet with our clients at a convenient location if you are unable to come to our office –

Samee even went to ‘The Big Apple‘ to meet up with one . . .