10 Tips - From Great Ideas to your New Business

10 Tips - From Great Ideas to your New Business



So you have had a Martin Luther King Moment . . . “I Have a Dream . . .”

 That Lightbulb Moment :

That LightBulb Moment

Great ideas are at the heart of all successful businesses

Coming up with a new idea could provide the basis for a hugely successful business.

Silly as it may sound . . . If you have that light-bulb moment write it down, before you lose track on the second part of your master-plan to take over the world . . .


 Spot a Mar__ket :

A Gap in the Market

You could spot a gap in the market or your business idea may help solve a problem that affects you or others

You might create a product or service that works alongside another popular product or service

Even if you plan to enter a well-populated market with a ‘me-too’ product, think of original ideas that will make your business stand out and provide added appeal


 The Building Blocks :

The Building Blocks of a New Business

The basic building blocks for any new business venture are :

The range of products and services that you can provide & the need for those products and services, either from individual customers or businesses


 The Name Game :

Picking a name for you new business is the fun part. Coming up with a catchy name is half the battle & is what people will remember you by . . .

. . . So a bit of careful thought is on the cards at this point


 Branding :

Is an important part of your First Steps . . .

Give a little bit of thought about how you want to showcase yourself & your new business


 Legal Issues :


Yes . . . picking a name is the fun part - a catchy name & branding is half the battle ! ! !

Don’t make your name sound like a big chain or franchise . . .

Or you will end up in court in a Mc.flurry of legal paperwork, with a legal bill that won’t be small fries . . .

. . . Then you won’t be “ Loving it ”


 Who Am I ? :

Soul Trader

Once you have you basics in place – You need to decide on how you are going to run your company . . .

I.E – You are going to start an occult shop on your own . . . therefore you will probably be a soul trader –


 It Doesn’t Add -Up :

Business Accounting Abacus

Finding a good accountant may sound taxing & a long way off –

But you are going to be running a business & the TAX MAN is a hard audience to please . . .

So you’re best to get it right from day 1 . . .

There are some great accounting software packages, research now may save you cash in the long run


 Start The Engines :

One great point not to overlook at the beginning - Business Funding –

You will need to be able to operate & still maintain an income – You still have to live without putting every penny in & getting nothing back for months


 Thunderbirds are Go :

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 - Go For It . . . There is no point in waiting . . .

Thunderbirds are GO

1 Why Not ???

2 If you don’t someone else will

3 Why Not ???

4 You’ll kick yourself if someone comes up with a similar idea

5 Why Not ???

GO FOR IT ! ! !



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